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About Us

At Mini Militians Hub, we offer everything about Mini Militia. Mini Militia is a vast and fun-to-play game. Still, it is too limited in the simple version, so modified versions of Mini Militia have been created in order to enhance the user experience who plays Mini Militia and vast their perspective and gaming skills by playing modified versions.

Multiple and certified modified versions of Mini militia are uploaded at to facilitate the Mini Militia lovers and have a better gaming experience free of cost.

History was launched in 2022 to facilitate gamers with their favourite mod versions of Mini Militia. It is a hub of Mini Militia which was created for the sole purpose; to provide the users with all the things related to Mini Militia.


The main aim of ours is to provide you with the following resources:

Mini Militia Mods

Mini Militia Mods Section hosts all the MODS as the simple version is too constrained and players don’t have the full freedom so do check this section as it contains all the mods that have unlimited access to premium features of the game.

Tips & Tricks

There are always Tips and Tricks to every game to climb up the level of the games quickly and enhance your skills. So does available in Mini Militia. Follow the Tips and Tricks to get the latest tips and tricks of Mini Militia.

Tips shared by Pro Players are shared here so there are updated and perfectly working Tips and Tricks.

Blog(Mini Militia Area)

The blog section contains all the latest news and ongoing things in the Mini Militia world. The latest things shared by Pro Players and developers are shared here. Keep visiting the Blog area to never ever miss an update about the Mini Militia.

The latest developments, new features, achievements and much more things are posted every day to keep you updated about the ever-evolving world of Mini Militia. CEO

Mohammad Rehan

CEO at

Mohammad Rehan is an SEO Consultant, Blogger and a WordPress Developer. He is the owner of He created the website to provide gamers with free mini militia modified versions, so they can enjoy the premium features for free.

He believes that there should be no limit to any features in any game. The game evolves one’s mind and helps in the mental growth. So, the game features should be available to everyone without any restrictions.