Tips on How to Increase Rank in Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

You have started playing Mini Militia. One week has passed since playing Mini Militia. You must have noticed that you’re not ranking up. You’ll ask yourself, What can be the issue? How to Increase Rank in Mini Militia? Don’t worry; every beginner asks the same question, and at the start, the growth is slow, so it takes some time to rank up in Mini Militia. But you must be thinking, is there any way like how to move fast in Mini Militia?

So, yes, there are some tricks with the help of which you can rank up quickly in Mini Militia and get higher-level benefits.

how to rank up fast in mini militia

Ranking System in Mini Militia

Like all other games, Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 also has a ranking system on the basis of which the authority of players is decided. It is also an indication with the help of which players can decide whether to be involved in combat with the specific player.

There are four basic ranks in Mini Militia:

  • Novice
  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • Veteran
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When you start the game as a beginner, a Novice rank will be awarded to you.


The condition for Amateur is “Winning 10 Games”. Once you’ve won 10 games, you’ll be awarded the Amateur Rank.


After Amateur comes the Professional Rank, you have to win 20 games in order to get the Professional Rank.


For the Veteran Rank, the condition is 40 games. Win 40 games, and you’ll get the Veteran Rank.

Note: There are other 21 ranks as well. You can visit Mini Militia Ranks if you need to learn about all the Mini Militia Ranks.

Method 1: Tips on How to Increase Rank in Mini Militia

In every game, there are some tricks and secrets by using which you can get the upper rankings quickly. So does the Mini Militia. You can move up the ranks fast using those tricks, and your confusion about how to increase rank in Mini Militia will be cleared.

  • Every game rewards the person who takes action first. The same is the case in Mini Militia. Always try your best so that you can get the chance to have the first kill.
  • The first kill will boost up your XPs.
  • Always make sure your gun is preloaded so that your opponent has no chance to reload the weapon and so you can easily kill him.
  • When you don’t find anyone on the battlefield, hide in the bushes or behind the trees so your opponents can’t find you, and you can kill them when they come into your range.
  • Also, hide behind the walls and appear only when your opponents come into your firing zone, and make sure that your gun is preloaded.
  • When there are no bushes and walls around, try to remain at the corners of the walls as players don’t pay much attention to the corners, and you can take advantage of this.
  • When you get engaged in 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 fights, always make sure your nitro is always ready, so you can escape whenever you need and kill your enemies from mid-air by not giving them a chance to use their nitro packs.
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Method 2: Rank Up Quickly Strategy for Beginners

The upper tips are good enough, but they might be a little bit difficult for beginners to follow up. So this Rank Up Secret Strategy will also be easy for beginners to keep up with, and you’ll be able to learn how to increase rank in Mini Militia.

  • For this strategy, you need to have two devices.
  • Start the death match and look for a map with less than 10 players.
  • Join that map
  • On your 2nd device, join the same map and leave the game immediately. Note that you have to leave the game from that device in which you don’t want your Mini Militia Profile to rank up.
How to move fast in Mini Militia
  • After leaving the game, your main profile will instantly get the XPS.
  • You can follow the same strategy for all maps with less than 10 players and do it as many times as you want.

This way, even beginners can grow up their profile and rank up easily.

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Method 3: Rank Up Quickly (Team Strategy)

As you know, Mini Militia is not just a single-player game but also a multiplayer game and is more fun to play with your friends. This way, it’ll not just be more fun, but you’ll also be able to rank up quickly. Follow these steps on “How to Increase Rank in Mini Militia“.

Join a Clan

There are clans in Mini Militia, and you can join any clans you want. But by joining the clans, you’ll be able to collaborate with the top players, and you’ll also get extra points as rewards.

If you feel that you’re strong enough, you can also create your own clan and invite your friends or other expert players.

Wisely Using the Environment

The ultimate trick to tackling strong enemies is to use the environment wisely. If you’re playing across the trees, use the trees as a cover. Same case with walls. By using this strategy, you can defeat your opponents, and it’ll result in increasing your ranks.

Rehearsal and Planning Before Match

Always warm up before the match. Warm up your fingers. Don’t just start the game, as it can take some time for your fingers to get the hang of it. Properly plan where you want to land with your teammates and what strategy you want to apply.

Always know that failing to plan is planning to fail. So, always prepare a proper strategy, and it’ll result in increasing the ranks quickly.

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Play in a Team

Always play in a team and cooperate correctly. Assign tasks to each team member and split the duties. Some can cover up, some can look for enemies, and others can keep up the fighting.

Buy High-Class Weapons

Buy high-end weapons with the points earned. High-end weapons will result in easy kills and allow you to win the game easily, ultimately resulting in increasing the ranks.


You can easily increase ranks by connecting two devices as two players, and you can leave the game from the user side, which you don’t wish to rank up. Your main profile will automatically get the points and result in ranking up quickly.

Final Verdict

Now you know How to Increase Rank in Mini Militia. With the above strategies, you can easily increase your ranks in Mini Militia, but note one thing: you’ll only be able to increase your ranks through the ranking system and not your skills. So, my advice is that along with increasing the ranks, focus on improving your skills as well so you can level up your game and don’t find any difficulty when playing with professional players; otherwise, only ranking up will not help you. So, always polish your skills along with increasing the ranks.

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