Mini Militia Double Gun (Mini Militia Dual Gun Mod v5.3.7)

Shooting with a single gun in Mini Militia is all that fun, but have you ever wondered how amazing it will be to wield two guns simultaneously? But by default, you’re only allowed to use dual gun combinations which are light in weight. What if you come to know that you can equip whatever pair of guns you want? Yes, it is officially available in Mini Militia Double Gun Mod.

In Dual Gun Mod, you have access to select whichever gun you want to use from all the available 15 guns in Mini Militia, plus the latest Trevor Gun is also available to be equipped. So, why limit yourself by playing the free version where you’ve access to only a few guns? Upgrade to Double Gun Mod and get an unbelievable experience of shooting.

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App NameMini Militia Double Gun Mod
Latest Versionv5.3.7
Size44.1 MB
Mod PackageDual Wielding
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above
Storage Requirements512 MB of RAM
Total Downloads100,000,000+
Average Rating3.5/5 (5384 Ratings)

What is Mini Militia Double Gun?

In Mini Militia Double Gun Mod Apk, you get the ability to use your favourite guns in dual wielding. In the free version, you had the option to equip only some selected guns because they were lightweight, and you might not like them, but in the modded version, you can select your favourite gun combinations and use them in the battle and these are also available in Mini Militia Old Version.

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In the free version, only four guns are available for the dual combinations, which are:

  • Machete
  • Uzi
  • Desert Eagle
  • Pistol and Magnum
Mini Militia Dual Guns Chart

But now, by using the dual gun mod, you can access all 15 guns, which you can use as a combination according to your will.

Features of Mini Militia Dual Gun Mod APK

Dual gun mod apk has the following features:

Dual Wielding

As the name suggests, dual wielding has been enabled for all the guns present in the game. Don’t like one combination? No worries, you can always switch your combinations according to your taste. There is no need to be bound by only a few combinations available in the basic version.

You can use the rocket launcher, sniper, AK47, or whichever gun you want in the dual mod.

mini militia double gun mod apk

No Reloading Required

Additional features have also been added in the dual gun mod apk to increase players’ engagement. Now, you don’t need to reload your gun again and again. Just start the shooting and never ever reload, as the weapons will never run out of ammo.

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Unlimited Bullets

Get access to unlimited bullets in the game and never stop shooting while playing the game, as this mod, by default, provides you with the feature of infinite bullets. You don’t have to purchase the bullets as you’ll never run out of ammo ever.

Up to 7x Zoom

Never want to miss your shot? With this mod, you get a zooming capability of up to 7x, which means no missing shots now. Pinpoint your enemies and land a perfect fire on them with the 7x zoom feature enabled.

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2x Speed

You can kill your enemies with double speed as this mod comes with a 2x speed feature with which you can speed up your avatar’s movement and move around at twice the speed. Your opponents might be faster, but you’ll be quicker and can easily pack up your victory on them.

No Recoil

Now you can keep on firing without any recoil. With the previous versions, there was a significant recoil on every shot, but now you can fire at your enemies without ever being worried about the recoil force.

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Melee Punch

You can throw melee punches in Mini Militia Double Gun Mod APK at your opponents. When your opponents come too close, there’s no room to fire a shot at them, so the best way to deal with them is by throwing a melee on them and killing them. Meele punches do more damage compared to regular fires.

Comparison between Mini Militia Basic and Dual Gun Mod

Mini Militia Basic

  • 4 guns can be used in combinations
  • Limited Bullets
  • Recoil force
  • Ads

Mini Militia Dual Gun

  • 15 guns can be used in combination.
  • Unlimited bullets
  • No recoil
  • No ads
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How to Download Mini Militia Double Gun Mod?

It is pretty easy to install the mod version. Follow the steps carefully:

  • Step 1: Uninstall any previous Mini Militia Versions on your device to avoid hindering the download process of the new modded version.
  • Step 2: Download the Dual Gun Mod on your device.
  • Step 3: Click on the install button to start the installation. A popup will appear asking for further permissions.
  • Step 4: Go to your device Settings > Permissions > Allow Download from Unknown Resources.
  • Step 5: Go to your APK folder and tap on Install again. The game will start installing.
  • Step 6: Launch the game and get access to all dual mod features.


No, there’s no update option available. If you try to update it, all of your previous data can also be affected. So, it’s best not to update this version.

Once the new version has been modded, we’ll update it on our site. Keep visiting our site for the latest updated versions.

Wrapping Up

With Mini Militia Double Gun Mod APK, you’re not limited to using a combination of weapons, but you get access to multiple other features as well, including infinite bullets, zooming capability, 2x speed, dual wielding and much more.

One thing is to be considered that sometimes the game can be unresponsive. It happens in almost all modded features like store items can stuck, and guns can stop firing. There’s a little glitch, but we’re trying our best to fix it in the next version, and you’ll be able to have smooth gameplay.

If the game becomes unresponsive, close the game, clear the tabs, and open the game. The game will start playing as usual.

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