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Playing Mini Militia and levelling up in the game must be easy by now with the help of extensive mods. But you’ll be feeling like, Man! I want to level up my skills in the game. Obviously, harsh environments make a man strong enough to tackle any problems. So, you must be looking for a mod that’ll give you a tough time. Worry not; Mini Militia Tricky Maps is there for you to provide you with an experience that was missing in the older versions.

These maps include some great maps that weren’t available in the basic version, and not only that, but there are also some upgrades to the avatar in this version. Let’s explore the tricky maps mod with its multiple features:

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App NameMini Militia Tricky Maps Mod
Latest Versionv4.2.8
Size48.33 MB
Mod PackageTricky Maps
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above
Storage Requirements512 MB of RAM
Total Downloads100,000,000+
Average Rating4.1/5 (17,000 Ratings)

What is Mini Militia Tricky Maps Mod?

It is a modified unofficial version of Mini Militia. It was specially developed for the players complaining that the game had become too easy for them and wanted to level up their skills. So, a special version that solely includes the tricky maps was developed to make the game more competitive and challenging.

Now, mini militians can have a boost in their gaming skills by engaging them in harsh battles in the tricky maps mod. Make sure you have enough grip on all the commands of the game, as it’ll need all of your previous gaming experience to beat the opponents.

mini militia tricky maps
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Features of Tricky Maps Mod

Let’s have a look at all the interesting features of the tricky maps mod and how it can help militians in increasing their skills.

Features of tricky maps mod

New Maps Introduced

As the previous maps became so easy for the pro players, three maps were introduced to put the professional players to a real test. These maps are

  • Dangerous Dungeon
  • Tricky Tower
  • Nuke Town

They are designed in such a way that no beginner-level players can clear these maps. So, you must have a firm grip in order to be capable of conquering these maps.

New Challenges

New challenges have been introduced in the Mini Militia Tricky Maps Mod in order to make the game more competitive than the previous ones, as the players have completed the previous challenges and were tired of playing the challenges again and again. So, a series of new challenges have been added as well.

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Addition of New Avatars

There has also been an addition of new avatars. Now you’ll be able to equip these new avatars as well. The new avatars are

New Features

There has been an addition of new features as well in the avatars, items, power-ups, and other things to give the game a boost in the diversity of the equipment and collections.

Addition of New Guns

Every action game is incomplete without the collection of guns. New guns have been introduced in the tricky maps mod in order to increase the collection of guns and to allow the players to equip themselves with more unique weapons. The new guns that have been added are:

  • M16A4
  • AK-47
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Special Avatars

Some special avatars with unique features have also been introduced in the tricky maps mod. These are:

The Tank

The speciality of this avatar is that it has a machine gun fitted on it that is capable of killing all the enemies.

The Sniper

This avatar is fitted with a sniper that can knock out any enemy who will be exposed to the gun.

How to Install Tricky Mods Mod APK?

It’s pretty easy to install the modded version on your device. You can install it by following the exact same steps as you’ve followed for the other modified versions:

  • Step 1: Uninstall all the old previous versions, including their files as well.Step 2: Download the Tricky Maps Mod from the above link.
  • Step 2: Download the Tricky Maps Mod from the above link.
  • Step 3: Once downloaded, the app will ask for further permissions.
  • Step 4: Go to your Settings>Accessibility. In Accessibility, you will find the option “Allow Download from Unknown Sources”.
  • Step 5: Enable the permissions option.
  • Step 6: Click on Install. The file will be installed in a few seconds.
  • Step 7: Now, the game is all ready to be played. Launch the game and start playing.
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The latest version right now is v4.2.8.

It’s different from other modified versions as it is specially made for professional players to level up their skills by offering them a competitive environment.

Yes, they can play as well. But it is suggested that they should increase their skills before switching to this version.

Final Verdict

Mini Militia Tricky Maps Mod is a perfect modified version among all other mods to increase the players’ combat skills and take them to the next level. The harsh environment will allow you to grow up further and tackle any difficulty with ease as you’ll be put to different tests in this version. Once you clear this version, every other version will be plain simple to you. So, do play this tricky maps mod if you want to level up your game.

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