Download New Mini Militia Mega Mod APK (v5.2.2 for Free)

Mini Militia is a worldwide famous online as well as offline multiplayer shooting game. While playing Mini Militia till now, you must have experienced that it’s too much of an irritating moment when you’re about to win the game and your avatar’s health runs out. You don’t have the option to use premium weapons. You’re unable to maintain the nitro feature enabled forever. These things must irritate you. But don’t worry at all. There’s a particular version of Mini Militia called the Mini Militia Mega Mod APK, which provides unlimited health, nitro, and weapons upgrades.

Isn’t it amazing to have such a version? You must be wondering how much it’ll cost you. Let me tell you a secret. You’re capable of downloading this version for free. Yes, free of cost. So, what’re you waiting for? Install now and get the premium features without any cost.

Download Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk


App NameMini Militia Mega Mod APK
Developed byPhoenix
Latest Version5.2.2 (latest Mega Mod Version)
Size46.8 MB
Mod PackageMega Mod
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above
Storage Requirements512 MB of RAM
Total Downloads100,000,000+
Average Rating4.3/5 (17,000 Ratings)

What is Mini Militia Mega Mod APK?

It is the modified and updated version of the original Mini Militia. There are features in the original game where you have to upgrade for the packages and pay for the premium features like increasing the health of your avatar, weapons, nitro, and other premium options, but in the modified version, you get all these things for free. Yes, unlimited health, weapons, avatars, and nitro for free.

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Download New Mini Militia Mega Mod APK

You’re guaranteed to win if you use this modified version against your enemies because you’ll have the edge of unlimited life. No matter what your enemies do or their weapon, grenade, or sniper, it’ll not affect your avatar, as you have limitless health on your side.

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Moreover, you can kill your enemies while flying for an infinite time. You don’t have to worry ever about running out of gas. You can upgrade your avatar the way you like. You can change its clothes, its weapons or anything you like.

What’s New in Mega Mod Mini Militia?

There are many new and unique features in the latest version.

Bugs and Error Fix

There were complaints of bugs and errors in the previous version. So, the game was rebooted and updated to fix up all the bugs and errors. Now the game has better graphics and performance than its previous version.

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Improved Gameplay

The gameplay has been improved. There were some lagging scenes while playing the game, but now the latest version has more user-friendly graphics and smooth animations to help you get the best gameplay in the mini militia.

Features of Mini Militia Mega Mod

It has various features, and all of them have been explained so you can have an understanding of what features this game has:

One-Shot Kill

The modified version comes with a one-shot kill feature. You might be wondering what it is. With the help of this, you can kill your enemy with only one gunshot. One shot and your enemy will be blown away.

If you’ve played mini militia, you must have noticed that it usually takes around 5-6 shots to kill your enemy, but with the help of this version, you can kill your opponents with just one boom (shot).

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Chatting Option

The chatting option is available in the mini militia mega mod Denzel version. You can chat with your friends while playing the game and give them instructions. But it might slow you down as it is difficult to chat while playing the game.

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To avoid slow speed, you can use copy-paste messages to prevent your fluency from being slowed down, and you can also focus on the game.

Mini Militia Mega Mod APK Chatting option

Health Pack

Keep your health pack always in your hand. If you found a place where you knew the exact position of the health pack but found an opponent as well, first tackle the opponent and kill him. After killing it, come back to that same position, and you can get the health pack now. You can regain your lost health and play with your full health.

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7x Zoom

You can use every weapon at a zoom of 7x. Greater zoom means more accuracy and a more comprehensive range. It is challenging to target your opponents from a very far side and kill them.

With 7x zoom, you can quickly destroy your opponents and stay hidden while targeting and killing your enemies from a distant point.

Mini Militia Mega Mod APK 7x Zoom

Play Using Original MM Servers

The most fantastic feature of this version is that you can play the game while connecting to the central Mini Militia main server. Most mod versions don’t have this feature enabled, but you can enjoy the game by connecting to the central official mini militia server with this version.

Intereseted in Mini Militia Apk? Get it now.

Unlimited Ammo

Attack your enemies non-stop and keep killing your enemies with the unlimited ammo option in which you’ll never run out of ammo ever, and you can do mass destruction in the game with this feature.

Store Items Unlocked

Go to the Mini Militia game store and buy whatever you want with the store-unlocked feature. With this, you can purchase whatever you want in the game, and all the items are opened without any need to fulfilling some level requirements.

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Online Enable-Feature

Some versions of the mini militia mega mod apk showed some errors, including the inability to play online. But this version has a feature where you can play mini militia online with your friends without any worries.

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Melee Attacks

When your competitors come too close to you, you cannot fire or aim at them as the range is too short. There you can use melee attacks (hand combats), and to your surprise, melee attacks do more damage than gunshots. Melee attacks at every game level are enabled in this version.

Transparent Brush

You can see whoever is behind the bushes or the building with the help of a transparent brush. It enables you to keep an eye on your enemies being hidden behind the back of the buildings or bushes.

Respawn Time Reduced

In the previous version, you had to wait for a significant time to come back once you’re killed, but in the latest version, the re-spawn time has been reduced.

More Features

Some more features include:

  • Dual Gun
  • Mega Killer
  • Team Battle

How to Install it?

You can install the Mini Militia Mega Mod APK by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Download the Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk and install it on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Once installed, the device will ask for further options. Just tap on “Allow download from External Sources” in Settings>Security.
  • Step 3: Come back and click on install again. It’ll be downloaded now.
  • Step 4: Launch the game and start playing it with your friends.


The latest version of the Mini Militia mega mod apk is v5.2.2, where you can get almost everything for free without investing.

The minimum requirement for the mega mod is Android 3.0, but it is recommended to use the Android 4.4 or above version so that the gameplay is smooth and there’ll be no issues while playing.

Yes, you can install and play it without any lagging. 2 GB RAM is enough to play this game as this is way lighter and will run smoothly on your device.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up with the final words, Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk is the latest modified version where you can get almost every premium feature of Mini Militia and can play the game non-stop without pausing the game. Install the game now and start playing with your friends and rivals.

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