Download Mini Militia Mod by Sahad Ikr Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

Many of you must be aware of the Mini Militia 2D shooting game. It is one of the best games and requires no introduction. As a Mini Militia player, you should be well-versed in the game’s features. Many players use ultimate tricks to win the game. You must’ve noticed while playing the game that some unbelievable things were going on that didn’t feel real. It’s because they use an altered version of Mini Militia. One of the top modified versions of this game is Mini Militia Mod By Sahad Ikr.

This version has many premium features, including unlimited health, a suicide option, one shot, and many more unique features. You can also download it to bring your enemies to dust with your top skills.

It has different names. Some of the most famous names are mini militia pink, mini militia mod shd, and mini militia god mod by sahad ikr.

Download Mini Militia Mod by Sahad Ikr


App Name Mini Militia Mod by Sahad Ikr
Genre Action
Latest Version v2.2.23
Size 48.4 MB
Mod Package Sahad Ikr Mod
Requirements Android 4.4 and above
Storage Requirements 512 MB of RAM
Total Downloads 100,000,000+
Average Rating 4.3/5 (17000 Ratings)
Updated Today

What is Mini Militia Mod By Sahad Ikr?

It is the modified version of MM. Many features like new weapons, nitro packs, ammo, etc.; for all this stuff, you have to pay a reasonable amount to take it into your procession if you’re using the original Mini Militia version. But with the help of this modified version, you can access all these features, including dual guns, new avatars, unlimited health, unlimited ammo, wall visibility, and much more for free, without paying a single penny.

mini militia mod by sahad ikr
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Wondering how? With this version, you can have unlimited health, which means no matter what your enemies do, they won’t be able to lower your health as you’ll be invincible in this game.
Moreover, you can have unlimited nitro, which means you can remain in the air for as much time as you want and kill your enemies from mid-air.

The users of Mini Militia are increasing exponentially. Almost everyone is using Mod Versions, so it’ll be challenging to last more than a minute if you use the Mini Militia basic version because everyone will have premium features. So, you must have the mod version to give a tough time to your enemies.

Features of the Modified Version

This version has the following features which make it worthwhile to be downloaded:

features of mini militia mod by sahad ikr
Download Mini Militia for PC and play the ultimate shooting game on your PCs.

Unlimited Ammo

This version comes with an unlimited ammo feature. You don’t have to worry about the ammo ever running out. Kill your enemies with continuous shooting and no worries of your ammo being ever empty.

Enjoy this feature and boost your rankings.

Unlimited Nitro

Unlimited nitro means staying in mid-air as long as you want and killing your enemies from the air. In the regular version, you have to wait for your nitro to be full to utilize it again, but in this version of Mini Militia Mod By Sahad Ikr, you don’t have to wait for your nitro bar to be full. Just use it as many times and as long as you want.

Pro Pack

This version has a pro pack feature which means you can access all the store items for free and are already unlocked. You can buy your favourite weapons, upgrade your avatar, and much more according to your taste.

Did you know you can download the Mini Militia Old Versions and can play Mini Militia on your low end devices.

Download now and enjoy the old versions.

See the Unseen

You can see your enemies or things hidden behind the walls, buildings, or under some bushes. This version provides you with a powerful ability to surpass your opponents.

Compatibility in Low-End Devices

The most fantastic feature of this version is that you don’t need to have a high-end mobile with a lot of storage, RAM, and processor. You should have no problem playing it on your devices. The game will run smoothly, no matter which device you’re using.

You can also play Mini Militia on your iOS devices now. Download the Mini Militia for iOS.


This version comes with a feature of a dual gun. You can form an effective and heavy duo and have a significant impact on your performance. Moreover, combo features help increase the impact of your attacks so you can have an edge over your opponents. Defensive duos can also be created. You can select a gun and shield armour to form a defensive duo.

Improved Gameplay

Now, you can select your display to minimize your data usage. If you want to play in HD Graphics, you can change the game resolution in the settings. If you’re playing on Mobile Data, you can always revert to low graphics to save data. But we’ll prefer to use HD graphics mode only when you’re playing the game on Wifi.

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How To Install Mini Militia Mod By Sahad Ikr?

You can download the game easily. Follow the steps carefully to download it without any interruptions.

  • Step 1: Download the Mini Militia Mod Apk by Sahad Ikr. Click to download it.
  • Step 2: Once downloaded, click on Install. It will ask for further permissions. Click on “Allow Downloads from External Resources”.
  • Step 3: Come back and now click on Install again. Check the apps folder. The game would’ve been installed.
  • Step 4: Launch the game on your mobile phone.
  • Step 5: Start playing your game.
  • Step 6: Share the same version with your friends, so you all can have the same version while playing the game.
Mini Militia Unlimited Health Mod is out now. Download and enjoy the unlimited health feature.


It is the modified version of Mini Militia, where you can get premium features like unlimited ammo, unlimited health, nitro packs, and much more absolutely free, for which generally you’ve to pay a certain amount before using, the regular version.

Both are the same; the only difference is that in the regular version, you’ll get only essential things and have to pay to upgrade your items. In contrast, in the Mod version, you’ll get all the features for free, and there’re no ads in the mod version.

Final Verdict

Mini Militia Mod By Sahad Ikr is one of the few modified versions that has been among the most-voted versions and liked by the Militians who like to play invincibly. Its vast features and compatibility are just unique. You can download it even on low-end devices without worrying about your mobile’s low specifications.

Download it and play with your friends and keep climbing up the levels.

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