Mini Militia Cheat, Chats and Secret Tips & Tricks (100% Working)

Feeling difficulty in killing your enemies even after shooting them multiple times? It is because they might be using Mini Militia Cheats and secret tips and tricks. Do you want to kill your enemies with overwhelming strength? Here you’ll get a list of cheats of Mini Militia, Chat Codes, and Secret Tips and Tricks, with which you’ll be able to avoid lethal attacks from your enemies and defeat them.

But finding the cheat codes that work for sure are difficult. A list of 100% working cheat and chat codes has been explained and provided down below. You can follow them and can outclass your competitors with these secret tricks.

Mini militia Cheat

Why Use Mini Militia Cheat Codes?

You must have a question in mind; Why should we use Cheats of Mini Militia? The answer to this simple question is that if you’re a beginner and you’re playing with the pros, it will take a pretty long time span to be able to compete with the pros, but still, you want to defeat the pros, right? So, the ultimate solution to this problem is to use mini militia cheats android codes.

With cheat codes, you can’t just only compete with them, but you can take overwhelming victory over your enemies and can make them feel inferior despite their higher levels. Just like Mini Militia, you can also get the ultimate victory in Fifa as well by using Fifa Mobile Hack.

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Mini Militia Chat Codes

Mini Militia chat codes are pretty popular and fun to play with. Note that these codes are case-sensitive.

Chat CodeAction
Tootsie PopNo Reloading
DukeCaptain of the Army
Gummy Bear7000 Battle Points

Mini Militia Chat Commands

A fun thing about Mini Militia Cheat is that you can communicate with your enemies. It would have been boring otherwise if you were just fighting with enemies without ever communicating with them. Usually, you use shortcodes to communicate with your enemies. The chat commands of Mini Militia are:

Short CommandFull Form
GSGet Some
WPYou wanna piece of me!
CBCome on boy
HHHoo ya
GGGood game
MOMove out
LGLet go year
BIBring it
NMNo opponents’ view
NSNice game
RUReady up
GMOh! They got me
CMCover me
Do you know you can play Mini Militia for PC as well and increase your gaming skills.
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Developer Cheat Codes for Mini Militia

The developer preview cheat codes of the Mini Militia are given below. These codes work only with developer preview.

Auto ShieldAS-197io12HTV
Melee AttackMA-RDi027474
Weapon UpgradeWU-MN45789
Extra WeaponEB-RLi97Typ4
Note: There's important thing to note that these Mini Militia Cheat Codes will work only with the developer preview; if you have the APK files, you can follow the rest of the codes below.

Free Weapons Cheat for Mini Militia

The free weapons cheat to get free weapons is:

  • Step 1: In Mini Militia, Go to Open and Close
  • Step 2: Hold the button for a few seconds
  • Step 3: Install the app again
  • Step 4: In the text space, Enter this command uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr?//!
  • Step 5: Bazooka, AK 46, Sniper, Caliber, M16, and 10 grenades will be awarded to you.
Download Mini Militia Old Versions and have fun with all the mini militia versions till date.

Ultimate Cheat Mods of Mini Militia

The modded versions which have in-built cheat features are:

Aim Improvement Tips and Tricks

With these secret yet simple tricks, you can tremendously improve your Aim Improvement in the Mini Militia game. By following these, you’ll be able to take your aiming ability to the next level.

Tip 1: Adjust the Size of the Joystick

Usually, you wouldn’t bother to change your game settings, and you often start playing with the default settings, but by reducing the size of the various control icons, you can improve your controlling level over the game.

Adjusting the size of joystick in Mini Militia

In order to adjust the size of the joystick, come to your Mini Militia Lobby Screen> Settings> Game> Adjust the Size of the Joystick according to your own requirements.

Note: Keep the size of the joystick according to the size of your thumb to boost your aiming ability.

Tip 2: Don’t Follow the Bullet Traced Line

Mostly, you follow the traced bullet lines in order to shoot the bullets at your target, but the traced bullet lines only predict accurately in the case of Rocket Launchers and Sniper only. The rest of the guns face lagging issues when shooting while following the traced line.

Don't follow the Traced Line in Mini Militia

So, make sure to follow the predicted line of your bullets when using normal guns and only follow the traced lines when using the Sniper and Rocket Launcher.

Tip 3: Crouch Down

Whenever fighting, make sure to crouch down. It’ll lock your aim, and you’ll be able to kill the enemies quickly and accurately, as now you’ll need to tackle the enemies from left to right or from right to left. You won’t need to worry about the enemies attacking you from the downside.

The best thing about crouching down is that the attacker’s ability to damage you reduces to only 3-4 %, and mostly their attacks get missed, which gives you an upper hand in defending yourself against strong enemies.

Tip 4: Practise, Practise & Practise

There’s only one way to make things work, and that is continuous practise. So you must practise to hone your skills.

Bruce Lee once said,” I don’t fear a man who knows 1000 moves, but I fear a man who has practised one particular move 1000 times”.

Bruce Lee

So, that explains the importance of the practise. So, keep practising and levelling up your game.

Mini Militia Secret Tricks

Some of the secret tricks of Mini Militia are:

  • Don’t get engaged with Pro players in battle, as they have high gaming skills, and you’ll be outclassed in no time.
  • Always make sure your gun is loaded before jumping into the battle.
  • Please don’t use cheap weapons, as they can have a negative effect on your performance.
  • Keep your health bar always full so that you can tackle any battle.
  • If you’re on the verge of death and most likely to be killed by the opponent, throw a grenade at your near point and suicide. It’ll put your opponent on the loss, and he’ll not be able to get the points.
  • Wisely use the double guns and guarantee your victory.
  • Acquire powerful weapons, as the ace guns have more firepower.
  • Lay down on the ground when someone starts shooting at you. It’ll minimize the damage.
  • Keep playing the Mini Militia regularly to increase your points and levels in the game.
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So, you can compete with the Pro Players even being a beginner Mini Militia player.

Yes, you can ace the game and win easily with little effort by using cheat codes.

Final Verdict

Mini Militia Cheat Codes are perfect assistance for the Mini Militia players where you can tackle the difficult-to-deal-with players easily and level your gaming skills while interacting with all types of players. But make sure to use the sides carefully as they are case-sensitive. They assist greatly and allow you to exceed your limits while playing the game.

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