Top 10 Mini Militia Tips and Tricks – Become a Pro Player

Mini Militia is an online and offline 2D shooter game. It is of great interest to people who are especially interested in action and fighting or shooting games. While playing a game, being the best is your main aim. Isn’t it? So, your main question might be, “How do I become Proficient in Mini Militia”. Are there any Mini Militia Tips and Tricks?

No need to be worried; every player asks that. But if you have played Mini Militia already, you must have noticed that whenever sometimes you shoot at your enemy, he doesn’t show any signs of being killed, or if you throw a grenade, there are no signs of being killed. It is because your enemies are using Special Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to get the upper hand over you. You must be wondering what these advanced tricks to deceive the shooting and grenade impact are. A list of those tips and tricks has been given and explained below.

According to the stats, Mini Militia was ranked the No. 1 gaming app in 2020. The reason for its popularity was that, being a shooting game, the representation was in the form of doodles. The doodly interface makes the game look more exciting and attractive.

Mini Militia Tips and Tricks

Specifications of the Game

Some of the interesting specifications of the game are

NameMini Militia – Doodle Army 2
Latest Versionv5.3.7
Android Requirements4.4 and above
iOS Requirements9.0 or higher
Total Downloads100,000,000+
Average Rating4.3/5 (17,000 ratings)
Wifi ConnectivityYes
Developed ByAppsomniacs

Top 10 Mini Militia Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to this game, you must have noticed how much difficult it is to become proficient in the game. It’s everyone’s dream to become a top-notch player and ace the game but it is not possible to master the game in one day. But don’t worry; there are some tips and tricks which can be used to become a top-notch mini militia.

Throw a Grenade, If You’re Going To Die

When you’re playing the game, it often occurs that you’re on the verge of dying, but you don’t want your enemy to get the advantage by killing you and scoring points. The ultimate trick to avoid this is to throw a grenade. It’ll either kill your enemy or result in the death of both: you and your enemy. In this way, you can avoid your competitor getting an advantage by killing you.

This type of trick is called a suicidal attack, but it is very useful when your life is low and you know that you’ll be killed sooner or later. So, you play the gamble. Why? Because your competitor will not be able to get the points by killing you.

Use a Gas Bomb

This type of trick doesn’t need your gaming skills. You carefully observe your rivals and wait for the right time, and then throw a gas bomb in a spawn zone where you know your rivals might land. This’ll kill all your competitors in an instant, and you can get the upper hand.

There’s no limit to how many gas bombs you can throw. As long as you have the gas bombs, you’re free to use these as much as you want. It is one of the Secret Mini Militia Tips and Tricks.

Squat Down

The ultimate trick to minimize your damage is to squat down when your opponent throws a bomb toward you. You must’ve noticed that in military movies, during a fight or intense firing, the soldiers lay down on the ground to minimize the range for the shooters to shoot at them. It is because it becomes extremely difficult to target a person laying down. If we talk about it scientifically, the lower the surface area difficult it be to hit the object. The same case is here.
It not only minimizes your damage but also makes it difficult for your opponent to damage you and hence you get an upper hand.

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Never Engage with Cheat Using Players

While playing the game, you must have noticed that some players play extremely well that you can’t believe your eyes; how can someone be so proficient? Actually, they’re using some ultimate Mini Militia Tips and Tricks and altered versions, due to which they get god-like powers in the game. So, it is best not to engage with such types of players. They’ll ultimately defeat you in no time.

Try Ultimate Weapons Combinations

It is a best practice to utilize weapon combinations. Using compatible weapon combinations can have a positive impact on your game performance. Weapon combinations increase the impact of the attack thus capable of draining a lot of points of your opponents. It is one of the top Mini Militia Tips and Tricks.

PRO TIP: One of the best combos is shotgun and sniper. Sniper and rifle are also considered a good combo.

Stay Hidden

While playing the game, if you found yourself among way more professional players than you, then it is best practice to keep yourself hidden in the trees and to strike back at your opponents only when they come into your range.

You can also use a hiding sensor to conceal your bombs and unleash them whenever your opponents come into your range. Crouching will also help you to allow to sneak on a battlefield while keeping a low profile and when no one is around, you can conceal yourself again in the trees.

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Shield Utilization

It is best to the shield in the game. Only one shield armour is available in the game. You can use shield armour and a firearm with it in order to protect yourself from your opponents firing at you, but you should also keep track of your back because someone can easily damage you from behind.

PRO TIP: Revolver and shield armour is one of the best defensive combos in the game.

Hit Hard

If your opponent is too close to you where you can’t aim fire at him, then start hitting him with your hands i.e, melee. It is the ultimate trick among Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to hit your opponent if your weapons are not capable of being used.

PRO TIP: Melee causes more damage as compared to weapons.

Run, Run, Run

  • Whenever your opponent throws a grenade toward you, run in the opposite direction as far as you can to save yourself.
  • If you find out that your opponent has better weaponry, tap the melee and run away from it and point your gun toward the direction you want to run to.

Proxy Mines

  • You get the guns in the game that has the ability to make proxy mines. Place proxy mines as much as you can to trap your opponents.
  • Make proxy mines at the places where there is a high chance of your opponents coming, so you can attack once they fall into the trap.

How To Play Mini Militia

  • The game interface starts with the main avatar falling from height to the ground, with the main weapon alongside a secondary weapon and a few grenades with it.
  • The game session remains continued for almost 6 minutes and 30 secs. In this given time frame, you have to kill as many enemies as you can to boost your score.
  • The game controls contain 6 touch control buttons, and you’ll not find it difficult as each button contains the visuals of what their functions are.
  • In the top right corner, the weapons button can be swapped, and the weapons can be reloaded by the ammunition button that is in the top right corner. For a better understanding, have a look at the screenshot given below.
  • The zooming capacity option is also available on the top right side of the interface; the zooming range is more for shooters while less for pistols. The Jetpack meter and life meter can also be found at the top right side of the interface.
  • The bar on the top middle displays the flying capability (in blue colour) and leftover life (in pink colour).
How to Play Mini Militia
  • You can control the motion of your avatar the way you want with the help of the button located on the left-bottom side.
  • Then a grenade option is there to throw a grenade.
  • A button is located on the right-bottom side to confront the other players.
  • Shooting can be initiated by rotating the inner button with the outer button by utilizing the button located on the bottom right side.
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Modes of Mini Militia Game

The game offers three different modes for its users:

  • Quick Play
  • Solo Play
  • Multiplayer with Local Wifi

Quick Play

  • Connect your device to a fast internet connection.
  • Choose your required server.
  • Tap to start the game.
  • Select the map.
  • Start the game.
  • You’ll have almost 6 minutes and 30 sec. Kill as many players as you can to increase your score.
  • The game results and score will be shown at the end of the game.
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Solo Play

You can play the solo mode in the mini militia by selecting from one of the two modes.

Training Mode

This is the training mode where a teacher named Sarge is assigned to every beginner in order to teach the basic controls and to provide the beginners with the basic knowledge to play the game

Survival Mode

In the survival mode, the user is allowed to go into the battlefield by the instructions of Sarge to fight with the robots and to test his combat skills and proficiency. Do utilize Mini Militia Tips and Tricks to get the hang of it.

Multiplayer with Local Wifi

  • Establish a hotspot connection.
  • Ask your friends to connect to the same hotspot.
  • Wait for everyone to connect to the game.
  • Choose the server and ask your friends to connect to the same server.
  • Select the map you want.
  • Select the death match.
  • Start the game and enjoy it with your friends.


  • Throw a Grenade, If You’re Going To Die
  • Use a Gas Bomb
  • Squat Down
  • Never Engage with Cheat Using Players
  • Try Ultimate Weapons Combinations
  • Stay Hidden
  • Shield Utilization
  • Hit Hard
  • Run, Run, Run
  • Proxy Mines

It is mostly played in Madagascar and Guyana.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up with the comments that Mini Militia tips and tricks will not only help you if you’re a beginner but will also help you to beat your opponents even if you’re an experienced player because tips and tricks are the ultimate way to rank quicker and make a position in top rankings.

Do let us know your favourite Tips and Tricks in the comment section.

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