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How will it be if you wear the same dress every day? How will you feel? You’ll be tired of seeing yourself in the same dress every day, right? The same will be your feelings about your character’s avatar in Mini Militia. But you don’t have to worry at all. You can easily change the Mini Militia Skins of your character and give your avatar a look you want, but you must be thinking, how can you do that? A thorough procedure of how you can customize your avatar’s skin has been explained.

Mini Militia Skins

How to Change Mini Militia Skins?

While playing the game, you must’ve noticed that some players have unique customized avatars that look so cool. You must’ve thought, is it possible that I can get one, or how can I customize my own character? Worry not; you can easily customize your characters as well and give them a look according to your taste.

For those who don’t know what customization is, it is actually changing the appearance of your characters, including hair, beard, eyebrows, clothes, accessories, etc. Similarly, you can also edit your Mini Militia videos. So, let’s get started to change the skin of your Mini Militia’s Characters. Follow the steps to change the skin successfully:

  • Open the Mini Militia Game on your device.
  • On the left side of the screen, click on the “Avatar” option. Make sure that you’ve reached level 2; otherwise, this option will be locked, and you won’t be able to customize your character.
  • Once you click on the avatar’s option, the following screen will appear.
mini militia skins changing procedure
  • You can start customizing your character’s everything here. You can edit the head, hair, body, accessories, and outfits on the left as can be seen in the above screenshot.
  • Once you click on these options, further options will appear on the right side of the screen. You can select whichever design you want. Once you click on it, Boom! The changes will be applied to your character.
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What Things Can You Customize in Mini Militia?

You might be thinking, ok, I can do customization in Mini Militia Skins, but what other things can I customize in Mini Militia? So, here’s your answer, you can customize the following things about your avatar.

  • Head: You can change the shape of the head of your avatar, jawline, eyebrows, and teeth according to your requirements.
  • Hair: You can change your hair collection to your avatar, side hair, moustache, and beard.
  • Body: You can change the body of your avatar, whether it should be fat or fit, top and bottom.
  • Accessories: You can decide what accessories you want to put on your avatar, including shoes, hats, sunglasses, and other things.
  • Outfit: Last but not least, you can change your character’s outfit. A collection of 22 outfits are available in Mini Militia, so you have plenty of options to select.
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Mini Militia Pink Color Avatar’s Customization

You can now change your avatar appearance to Pink colour as well.

  • Go to your Avatar option in Mini Militia.
  • Click on Hair. In the hair section, change the colour of your hair, sideburns, moustache, and beard to pink colour.
  • Go to Outfit. You can change the colour of your character’s outfit to pink to make your whole character’s appearance to Pink Colour.

This way, you can change your avatar’s appearance in Mini Militia.


Yes, you can, and you can also change the hair, accessories, and outfits of your characters in Mini Militia.

It is because you haven’t reached level 2 yet. You can only customize your characters once you have reached level 2.

Final Verdict

Concluding with the fact that Mini Militia Skins Changing is just amazing; otherwise, the game would’ve been so dull as there would be no customizing option. By customization, you can give your characters the appearance you want and the outfits you want. Not only skin colour, but you can do much more with customization. You can change your character’s head shape, size, hair colour, eyebrows, sideburn, body, outfits, and all these things, which make your character much more pleasing and makes the game more fun to be played.

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